The Story

FROM 1948

The Beginning

FROM 1948
Al Todaro was born as an individual company of Giovanni Barbalich, starting to work the 8th of may 1948. It opened mainly as an ice cream shop located at Saint Mark’s square 3, at the southern angle of Marciana Library and right beside St. Theodore’s column (called Todaro in Venetian). St. Theodore, from which the place toke the name, was the first patron of the city. The first renovation works were conducted by architect Gellner.

Some news spaces were added to the shop a little after, expanding the company size.
The interiors of the shop were organised again in 1979 (as much as the narrow space allowed) thanks to the work of the architect brothers Vernier, as well as embelished by a precious glass ceiling, made my Murano’s Master Glassmaker, Barovier. The Plateau also got bigger at this point and the number of tables increased.